“Help is on the way.”

That is the call coming from Washington D.C. as an unprecedented 2 TRILLION dollar coronavirus relief bill is very close to passage in Congress. And like clockwork, there is Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi now attempting to  take credit for a bill she was trying to destroy just a few days earlier. It was only when the public learned of her attempts to stuff the emergency relief bill with hundreds of billions in non-coronavirus-related liberal pork did Pelosi back off and suddenly embrace the bill.

This is exactly why so many Americans despise government. Lifetime politicians like Nancy Pelosi would risk the suffering of millions for the one thing they care about most – their own personal power.

Via Daily Caller:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed Thursday that Democrats in Congress succeeded in passing a coronavirus relief bill that puts “workers first.”

But Pelosi has been accused of stuffing the legislation with a multitude of proposals that do not directly have to do with the COVID-19 pandemic.

…Pelosi suggested now that Democrats have succeeded in addressing “emergency mitigation,” it was time to move on to “recovery in terms of where we go to grow the economy [and] create more jobs.”

“So right now we have the legislation that will come to the floor tomorrow [Friday],” she said. “I anticipate and feel certain we’ll have a strong bipartisan vote.”


What Pelosi avoided mentioning was her attempt to stuff over 1000 pages of a far-left socialist wish-list through Congress at a time of national emergency. This included things like new curtains for the Kennedy Center, social justice funding, allowing non-citizens to vote in elections, corporate racial profiling mandates, and on and on did the insanity go.

Now, she and her fellow Democrats are hoping voters will forget what they just attempted to do during the coronavirus pandemic before the November elections roll around. If voters don’t forget, Pelosi and others will likely be sent packing – as well they should be.

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