Maria Bartiromo has been an award-winning fixture of cable news for decades, primarily on CNBC and more recently, Fox Business. In that time she has covered the news surrounding multiple presidential administrations.

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This week, she made it undeniably clear that what was attempted by rogue Deep State operatives against President Trump was, and is, the single greatest political scandal of our time despite the far-left media’s continued attempts to ignore that fact:

“It’s incredible to me that the MSM refuses to acknowledge this and the Democrats refuse to acknowledge this wrongdoing. This is the biggest political scandal of our time. Let’s be clear. They wanted to take Donald Trump down. They used the tools that we use against terrorists!…”

… They laugh at anybody who says anything like this against to tell the truth. But then the mobs come at you and they try to shut you down. Shut you down on Twitter. Shut you down down on Instagram. Whatever it takes to make you go away so you do not expose the wrongdoing. It’s been exposed. It’s out there. Little by little the American people are figuring it out.”  

-Maria Bariromo


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