The retractions following what were multiple headlines over the last 48-hours which attempted to claim people were dying from the anti-malaria drug President Trump touted as a possible treatment for the coronavirus are coming in now – but the damage has been done as hundreds of thousands of social media posts quickly helped to spread the lie.

The reality is this – a couple in Arizona self-medicated with fish bowl cleaner because one of the ingredients in that cleaner was a form of the drug chloroquine – not the medication itself. These headlines were rushed out because it appears the far-left media is actually angry over there being a potential life-saving treatment for the coronavirus. Yes, as shocking and despicable as that sounds it seems to be true. President Trump offered the American people some guarded hope and the media attacked him for it and then made up false headlines to spread even more panic among the population even as multiple on-the-ground, real-life examples of chloroquine helping to alleviate coronavirus symptoms are popping up all across the globe.

What the media has done regarding this matter isn’t just biased reporting – it’s sick. And because these retractions won’t receive near the attention the initial false headlines did, many people today still believe those intentionally misleading reports.

Here is but one example of what took place:

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