Former CIA Officer Horrified By James Comey’s Actions As FBI Director

Former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright saw a lot during his time at the CIA but few things stunned him as much as the legacy of abuse of federal power that now appears to have been business as usual for Obama-era FBI Director, James Comey.

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Via Fox News:

Former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright said Friday that James Comey needs to be taken to task for his handling of the President Trump investigation.

“We had an individual that the inspector general report has now said an FBI director [James Comey] leaked information to force a public action; that is, the appointment of a special counsel,” Wright, a Democrat, told “Fox & Friends.”

“Not because the facts demanded it,” Wright continued. “But because he and his own partisan drive desired it. Now that’s horrifying. Not only was that horrifying for Donald Trump (but for) any other president that could’ve been elected in 2016.”

“The profound concern that I have as an American, forget Democrat or Republican, but especially as an agency officer, we have 35,000 employees in the FBI, tens of thousands of CIA officers, who have access to some of the most profound powers and knowledge in this country,” Wright said.

While the findings of the probe were forwarded to the DOJ, the department has declined prosecution, as Fox News reported earlier this month.

Wright said that he “fears” for the U.S. because of the “precedent” that someone can break the law and face no consequences for it.

“What’s the consequence for their behavior? There is none; they get a book deal,” Wright said.


Wright’s concerns mirror those outlined here months earlier – James Comey was not only NOT punished for his misdeeds—he was rewarded with a lucrative book deal.

It’s classic DC Swamp at its worst which in turn will only embolden more to do as Comey did, the rights of Americans be damned.

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