Failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s impeachment vote betrayal was quickly painted by the far-left media as an act of “courage.” Mr. Romney himself premised his vote by bringing up what he calls his deeply-held religious beliefs.

Ah, but a former Romney campaign spokesperson is calling out the Utah senator on that – claiming Romney’s true motivations are nothing more than bitter, jealousy-fueled nonsense mean to curry favor among the D.C. elites.

Romney despises President Trump for one thing above all else – Trump is president and he never will be.

Via The Hill:

Former Romney campaign spokesman says conviction decision is ‘motivated by bitterness and jealousy’

he former press secretary of Sen. Mitt Romney’s (R-Utah) 2012 presidential campaign called his decision to convict President Trump on the impeachment charge of abuse of power “motivated by bitterness and jealousy.”

Rick Gorka, who is now a communications director for the Republican National Committee (RNC), tweeted Wednesday that Trump “accomplished what he [Romney] has failed to do multiple times.”

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