You know this has to be driving the far-left crazy and is a big motivator for why they are pushing this Ukraine / impeachment insanity so hard.

President Trump is more popular than Barack Obama was prior to his own run for a second term.

Yeah, let that sink in.

Trump, Obama Call Out Putin

Via Breitbart:

President Trump’s job approval ratings have not been noticeably damaged by the Ukraine Hoax and are still higher than Barack Obama’s.
While it’s true that Trump’s approval rating was climbing, and climbed to 45 percent in the Real Clear Politics poll of polls prior to the media and Democrats launching their coordinated impeachment blitzkrieg, as of now it sits at 43.4 percent, not even two points lower.

What’s more, Trump disapproval rating has barely increased, from 52 percent to 53.6 percent.

In fact, Trump’s numbers have actually improved slightly: a half-point increase in approval and a half-point decrease in disapproval.

Overall, what you have here, with such a small amount of movement, is Trump holding remarkably steady during yet-another full-throated media and political assault, the likes of which we have not seen since, you know, the last one.

What’s especially fascinating is that during the Russia Collusion Hoax, Democrats and their media allies were able to drive Trump’s numbers down into the 30s, to as low as 37 percent back in December of 2017.

This time, even with the hysteria of impeachment added to the menu, not so much.

What I think this tells us is the voters are no longer jolted into dropping their support for Trump by a media that has cried wolf nearly once too often four years. In the past, the media could gin up enough hysteria to drive down Trump’s approval numbers, at least until the public figured out it was all fake news. (Bingo! More and more voters are getting wise to the far-left media’s anti-Trump lies.)

…Trump is also outsmarting the Democrats and the media by refusing to cooperate with what he correctly refers to as a kangaroo court. Good grief, this so-called whistleblower, who we already know is a registered Democrat, who we already know colluded with Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) to create the complaint, who we already know benefited by a sudden Deep State rule change to facilitate his complaint, who we already know is a crony of Joe Biden’s(!!!), wants to testify in secret — which is the stuff of banana republics.

This is not a legitimate inquiry, not even close. Somehow the media and Democrats came up with something that is even more of a partisan witch hunt than the Russia Hoax, and I just don’t see the American people seeing something so toxically partisan and perversely secretive as legitimate.


To have his overall support / popularity barely impacted by a 24/7 hyper-blitz of negative press, partisan investigations, etc., is a testament not only to the strength and will of President Trump but his supporters as well.

They have no intention of going quietly into that good night and in fact are preparing to deliver another historical Election Day butt-kicking in 2020.



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