“Warmonger!” “Conspiracy loon!” “Crazy anti-Obama right-winger!” “The worst choice ever!”

So went Adam Schiff’s bug-eyed version of reality just two years ago regarding John Bolton’s then-pending inclusion into the Trump White House. Eventually, President Trump dismissed Bolton due to differences on policy issues – namely Mr. Bolton was pro-war and President Trump was not. (which of course is yet another example of Schiff being totally wrong in his TDS descriptions of the president.

Ah, but now a disgruntled Bolton, unhappy about being pushed out of the White House and peddling a soon-to-be-released “tell-all” book, can do no wrong in the enlarged eyes of Mr. Schiff who is now demanding Bolton testify before the Senate.

It’s hypocrisy layered upon more hypocrisy where truth doesn’t matters and false projection is the order of the day…

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