(Is American finally returning to normal as more and more realize that Covid-19 fears have been largely exaggerated? We shall see…)

After months of panic-inducing false projections, the CDC has all but put to rest the idea that Covid-19 is the terrible killer of millions of Americans that it was initially portrayed to be.

By June, the true mortality rate for those infected was projected to be as low as 0.2% and for those who are young and healthy, it’s even lower. Some have suggested the coronavirus is actually far less a risk to the young and healthy than the typical flu is.

Yes, Covid-19 is real and yes, for certain segments of the population it is a valid concern, but now the CDC’s own data indicates the lockdown response was likely overblown / unnecessary even as the far-left news of today focuses on the “new cases” angle and some politicians are demanding face mask mandates. These new cases are largely the result of the vast increase in testing #s and most of those positive results reflect people who weren’t even aware they had the virus because their symptoms were either so mild or non-existent which again reinforces the fact Covid-19 is not nearly so deadly as it was being portrayed. (Some far-left news outlets like CNN are still scaring people into complying with lockdown/face mask orders.)

What should be front and center in media reports is the above good news – a relatively low mortality rate that makes Covid-19 a relatively low-risk virus overall which has resulted in the number of overall Covid-19 related deaths to fall to a two-month low throughout the U.S.

Sadly, it doesn’t appear good news is worthy of reporting these days.


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