The Trump economy is roaring and the impeachment fiasco appears to be coming back bigtime against the Democrats who hatched the hoax.

It appears the American voter wasn’t nearly so ignorant to reality as the Democrats and far-left media thought they would be.

Via Bloomberg:

“Fears about the economy have quieted, and impeachment hasn’t been the body blow Democrats were hoping for.

For a guy who’s about to be impeached, President Trump is looking like he’s in better and better shape to be reelected.

A year ago, the Federal Reserve was about to make its fourth interest rate hike. Stock markets were plummeting. Trump had just declared himself “Tariff Man,” and the Mueller Report still seemed like it might be a mortal threat to his presidency.

Six months ago, fears of a recession were rising, driven by worries about Trump’s trade war and the effect it was having on jobs and economic growth.

Today, things don’t seem nearly so bad. Friday’s blockbuster jobs report showed that 266,000 jobs were added last month and unemployment fell to 3.5%, trouncing even the most bullish forecasts and sending the S&P 500 soaring near another record high—of which there have been 26 this year.

The economy appears to be in a much better place than experts feared: good news for an incumbent president heading into an election year. In its analysis of the November jobs report, Bloomberg Economics lowered its projection of 2020 year-end unemployment to an astounding 3.3 percent and forecast “U.S. Election Day Unemployment to Be Lowest Since ’52.” A rate that low will surely get a few mentions at Trump rallies.

Even amid a litter of polls highlighting Trump’s unpopularity relative to other recent presidents, he appears to be trending in the right direction in the places that matter most. In Wisconsin, which many political analysts expect to be the tipping point state in the 2020 presidential election, the latest poll from Marquette University Law School shows opinion moving toward Trump both on the matter of impeachment and in head-to-head matchups with the top Democratic hopefuls. In October, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders were all leading Trump in Wisconsin.

By late November, he had pulled ahead of all three and was beating Pete Buttigieg, too.

In politics, a year is a long time. Plenty can happen to turn a president’s fortunes around. But the latest economic data and polling numbers in states he needs to win reelection suggest the impeachment fight could end with Trump in better political shape than when it began.”

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