Millennials owe President Trump BIG TIME.

Did you know that during the eight years of the Obama presidency more than $500 BILLION in U.S. wealth was sent to China? That’s money taken from the pockets of every man, woman, and child in America.

Consider this: President Obama saddled millions of Millennials with college debt that paid for useless degrees while at the very same time sending billions in dollars and jobs to America’s #1 economic competitor. He was allowing China to steal the future financial potential of an entire generation of Americans.

Today, President Trump took decisive action to halt that pattern and restore that potential and level the economic playing field between the two world powers.

The far-left media was quickly out in force this morning attempting to minimize the momentous positive while (one again) over-emphasizing the potential negative – namely that China cannot be trusted.

What these slanted reports neglect to fully explain is how President Trump has already cornered an increasingly desperate China. The Phase One deal keeps most tariffs in place as means of “testing” the Chinese to hold true to today’s signed agreement as negotiations for a Phase Two agreement are set to begin in the coming weeks.

China’s economy is teetering as is the government’s stranglehold on its own people. This condition was greatly accelerated by the tough negotiating policies of the Trump administration – a toughness that has left the Chinese stunned. No other U.S. president has ever pushed back against the Chinese like President Trump has done. And as much pain as this pushback has inflicted upon the world’s most powerful communist regime, it’s also something the Chinese have come to respect.

President Trump has been flexing the economic might of America and demanding the world trade stage be re-organized. Gone are the days when past presidents would allow the Chinese to steal the futures of the American Middle Class. Mr. Trump is fighting for that Middle Class. He’s fighting and he’s winning.

Today’s Phase One signing was a great day for America.

The president should be applauded for such a momentously historic achievement.

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