Apparently, in North Carolina, it’s against the rules for student-athletes to show their appreciation for the President of the United States.

Via The Daily Mail:

North Carolina high school cheerleaders are put on probation for the rest of the year for displaying a Trump 2020 banner before a football game

Cheerleaders from a North Carolina high school have been put on probation after they held up a flag in support of President Donald Trump before a football game.

The North Stanly High School cheerleading squad was placed on probation on Monday for waving the Trump 2020 banner last month during a home game.

Members of the squad posed for photos with the banner on August 30 before the game in Stanly County, which is about 50 miles north-east of Charlotte.

The banner read: ‘Trump 2020: Make America Great Again.’

The photo of the cheerleaders was circulated on social media before the North Carolina High School Athletic Association decided to take action.

The squad was reprimanded because all North Carolina high schools have a policy that prohibits students from displaying political signs.

The cheerleaders will be on probation for a year but are expected to continue cheering.

Officials said the probation was not a form of punishment but rather served as a warning.

The athletic association can issue fines or suspensions if the squad continues to display political banners.

District superintendent Jeff James said the banner wasn’t planned or endorsed by the school or staff.

Some who were outraged by the decision to place the cheerleaders on probation created a Facebook event calling for supporters to attend this week’s game in support of the squad.

‘The North Stanly High School cheerleaders have been wrongly put on probation by the North Carolina High School Athletic Association for the rest of the football season because of holding up a Trump banner before a home game on 8-30-2019,’ the event page reads.

‘Please come out and help me show the school and the NCHSAA that freedom of speech is not dead. Please bring all your Trump and MAGA gear and lets throw our support behind the North Stanly High School cheerleaders.’


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