A brash New York businessman and the longest-reigning monarch in British history have joined together to push back against the forces of globalist authoritarian socialism.

On the surface it seems an odd pairing but in reality, both President Trump and Queen Elizabeth share a deep-rooted love of their respective nations and an equally deep disdain for the geopolitical forces that would threaten them.

Brexit has been accomplished. The sham impeachment used to bludgeon President Trump has been defeated.

We are witnessing the turning of the tide when these two formidable forces are now allied to defeat shared enemies both foreign and domestic.

Queen Elizabeth, though nearing her 94th year on earth, remains a formidable, albeit quiet, force helping to guide the British political scene. Her hand remained steadily behind the slow yet persistent march toward Brexit which finally freed her country from the bonds of the European Union that had long taken both power and prosperity from the British people.

On the other side of the pond, President Trump, though far less quiet and even more formidable, has overseen the restoration of America’s economic and military might. The coup against the president has all but failed and whispers indicate indictments are soon to be handed down against at least some of those responsible for the manufactured anti-Trump / anti-American chaos of the last few years.

And helping in that particular endeavor is none other than the Queen who is said to have taken a keen interest in pushing for a more full disclosure of the part some high-ranking British officials played in the before and after manipulations that ran rampant around America’s 2016 presidential election.

Great Britain, with the full consent of the Queen, now prepares to save Western Civilization on the European continent while President Trump works to do the same here in the United States. Neither battle will be easy. The enemies of both the Queen and President Trump are more volatile / agitated than ever.

As odd as the political climate has been for the last three years, the next 10 months or so are going to be downright insane.

Hold on tight.



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