Just a few months ago small businesses in America were thriving at a rate not seen in generations. This was especially true for minority-owned businesses whose owners were able to take advantage of President Trump’s “get government out of their way” policies. People who had never succeeded before were enjoying a true economic revitalization.

Then came the media-driven coronavirus hysteria followed by the authoritarian actions of state governors who with a stroke of their pens throttled the life out of those businesses while allowing big businesses to remain open – all under the bizarre guise of “protecting” the public from a virus that increasing evidence points to having no greater mortality rate than the common flu – especially for those who are younger and/or in good health. In fact, many health professionals are convinced tens of millions of Americans already had the virus and didn’t even know it because the symptoms were so minor. Recent studies from multiple parts of the country appear to fully support this claim – studies the media panic machine continues to ignore.

And this all took place after the Trump administration was winning the trade war against China (where the virus originated from) and the 2020 election cycle was underway.

Coincidence? Perhaps, but it sure feels like something very strange has been going on, doesn’t it?

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