How weary the American people are of the divisive games played by politicians who care so little about working to better the country but instead work 24/7 to attack one of the most successful presidents of the last century. 

Just last year Democrats in Congress actually wrote a letter to Ukranian officials urging them to dig up dirt on President Trump. These are the same Democrats who are now screaming for impeachment for President Trump doing nothing that is beyond the scope of his presidential authority. The hypocrisy among so many in Congress is nauseating. 

Via The Gateway Pundit:

On Tuesday Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced impeachment investigations against President Donald Trump for allegedly putting pressure on Ukrainian President Zelensky to investigate the Biden Crime Family for laundering hundreds of thousands of dollars from Ukraine. The bogus accusations were based on hearsay from an anti-Trump “whistleblower” who supports a rival political opponent.

On Wednesday the transcript of the call between President Trump and President Zelensky was released.

By late Wednesday morning, we all knew the allegations were false.

President Trump did not put pressure on the Ukrainian leader and did not even bring up the subject with him during the call.

Now this…

Last year three Democrat Senators urged the Ukrainian government to investigate President Trump!
It is clear, by the new Democrat rules, Senators Menendez, Leahy and Durbin must resign in disgrace for using foreign operatives to influence a US election.


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