It has all the makings of a spy novel. A would-be president’s campaign and political party working with multiple foreign agents and powerful media figures to steal a national election. 

The cast of alleged characters includes such leading actors as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the DNC, George Soros, Russia, Ukraine, the UK, Italy, Germany, Australia, Canada, CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, etc.

What started out as election interference led to the attempted coup of a duly elected president.

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Via MSN:

WASHINGTON — Federal prosecutors reviewing the origins of the Russia investigation have asked witnesses pointed questions about any anti-Trump bias among former F.B.I. officials who are frequent targets of President Trump and about the earliest steps they took in the Russia inquiry, according to former officials and other people familiar with the review.

The prosecutors, led by John H. Durham, the United States attorney in Connecticut, have interviewed about two dozen former and current F.B.I. officials, the people said. Two former senior F.B.I. agents are assisting with the review, the people said.

The number of interviews shows that Mr. Durham’s review is further along than previously known. It has served as a political flashpoint since Attorney General William P. Barr revealed in the spring that he planned to scrutinize the beginnings of the Russia investigation.

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…Mr. Durham has yet to interview all the F.B.I. officials who played key roles in opening the Russian investigation in the summer of 2016, the people familiar with the review said. He has not spoken with Peter Strzok, a former top counterintelligence official who opened the inquiry; the former director James B. Comey or his deputy, Andrew G. McCabe; or James A. Baker, then the bureau’s general counsel.

Those omissions suggest Mr. Durham may be waiting until he has gathered all the facts before he asks to question the main decision-makers in the Russia inquiry.

…Many of the questions from Mr. Durham’s team overlapped with ones that the Justice Department inspector general, Michael E. Horowitz, has posed in his own look into aspects of the Russia inquiry, according to the people.

Mr. Horowitz’s report, which is most likely to be made public in the coming weeks, is expected to criticize law enforcement officials’ actions in the Russia investigation. Mr. Horowitz’s findings could provide insights into why Mr. Barr thought that the Russia investigation needed to be examined.


Indeed. Look for the far-left media to ramp up its already hysteria-driven condemnation of the Durham investigation as nothing more than a right-wing “conspiracy” despite Mr. Durham having longstanding and bi-partisan credentials as a top federal prosecutor. 

Also, don’t hold out too much hope regarding Inspector General Horowitz’s report which is expected to be released any day now. That report will go through several layers of review by Intelligence officials until it’s likely watered down / redacted into near oblivion. There will be an outline of generalized wrongdoings but likely no actionable criminal conspiracy proven. 

The Deep State continues to put up considerable delays in all inquiries, clearly hoping to run out the clock until the 2020 Election with the full intent of making sure President Trump is no re-elected so all the ongoing hunt for the truth of what happened in 2016 will suddenly go away.

In Washington D.C. the truth almost always dies in darkness.



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