Longtime CNBC financial host, Jim Cramer, is no fan of President Trump but even he was forced to admit this week that the Trump economy is the undeniable envy of the world and that the new jobs report was an event that further emphasized how America is enjoying the greatest levels of economic success in a generation.

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“This is the best number I’ve ever seen in my life,” Cramer said, zeroing in on the unemployment rate. “Fifty years ago, that number was a curse. Now it’s a blessing.” He added, “I don’t see inflation. I don’t see recession.”

“The president can walk away from the table with this number.” He added: “In the end, the Chinese are going to have to put jobs here.”

Meanwhile, other nation’s economies are doing far worse than the Trump-led U.S.

China is floundering and increasingly desperate for a trade deal. Canada teeters on a recession and is equally desperate to deal with the Trump White House as its unemployment rate is nearly DOUBLE that of the United States. The EU remains stagnant. France is a shambles. Even Germany’s once stalwart economy is showing considerable signs of strain.

President Trump promised to Make America Great Again.

Guess what?


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