Yikes. It’s another train-wreck styled moment for would-be Democrat nominee Joe Biden as he gets rather nasty with an Iowa voter who dared question him on his family’s alleged and highly profitable pay-to-play shenanigans in Ukraine…

Via The Federalist:

Biden Fat Shames Iowa Voter Who Says Hunter’s Ukraine Work Is Disqualifying

…“You’re a damn liar man,” Biden responded.

“I saw it on the TV,” the voter said.

“You see it on TV? No, I know you do. By the way, that’s why I’m not sedentary, I get up,” Biden said.

Biden proceeded to challenge the man to a push-up competition.

“Let’s run; Let’s do whatever you want to do,” Biden said.

…Toward the end of their spat, Biden addressed the man saying, “Look, fat…” Audience members gasped and looked at each other.

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