Seriously, if you watch the video below and then put it in context with the scandal surrounding Hunter Biden’s very lucrative corporate gig with the dubious Ukraine energy company Burisma, it’s only logical to assume Mr. Biden is now advocating for throwing his own son in jail for profiting from fossil fuels.

Reality is this – the U.S. energy sector is the envy of the entire world, producing clean(er) energy than anyone else, providing millions of high-paying jobs, and lessening America’s dependence on far less stable parts of the globe like the Middle East. That’s the reasons why places like Ukraine are so popular with get-rich-quick globalist schemes. There is little regulation, tons more negative impacts on the environment, and all drenched in corruption involving figures like the Bidens, the Clintons, the Pelosis, the Kerrys, etc.

So go ahead, old Joe, start locking them all up, starting first with you and your son…


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