How very odd to watch this latest fabricated outrage campaign from the left after President Trump declared his desire to see U.S. troops return home from a long stay in the Syrian region of the Middle East. These same lefties are declaring Erdogan to be evil, a killer of Kurds who it seems they now want to go to war with.

How very strange indeed. It was Barack Obama who supported Erdogan. It was Barack Obama who emboldened him even as Erdogan consolidated his power that included a myriad of human rights abuses. And it was Barack Obama who, even in public, appeared so quick to embrace Erdogan as a close friend.

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The Syrian / Kurdish issue is a complicated one to be sure but make no mistake, we have trained the Kurds, we have armed them, and yes, at times, we have fought with and for them at a cost of American lives and resources.

Now we watch as the far-left screeches for war and condemns President Trump for wanting peace and prosperity here at home.

Since before he was even running for president Donald Trump spoke out against the waste in lives and dollars that these decades-long Middle East conflicts have represented. How much of those trillions spent could have been applied toward health care and research, infrastructure, education, etc.?

It’s as if Democrats are now declaring warfare and globalist intervention to be more important than safety and security in America. They are now advocating for the very neocon foreign policies of the George W. Bush years that they once marched in the streets against and voted for Barack Obama to put an end to.

Are these radical liberals so filled with hatred for President Trump that they don’t recognize the stunning hypocrisy of their sudden concern for the Kurds? Are they aware that it is not necessarily the Kurds that Turkey has issues with but a terror group known as PKK which was bolstered by the Obama administration in its attempt to go after the Syrian regime? That effort during the Obama era was stunningly short-sided and has since caused a multitude of problems in the region as outlined recently by Michael Doran, Senior Fellow at Hudson Institute:

“We aligned under Obama not with ‘the Kurds,’ but with the PKK, the sworn enemy of the Turkish Republic, our ally. We were sowing the seeds of a Turkish-PKK war with that policy. We were also driving Turkey toward Russia.”

That was the Obama foreign policy – a confounding mishmash of weakness, contradiction, and odd alliances that ultimately seemed most concerned with appeasing Iran. (Even Erdogan is said to have viewed Obama as an ignorant, preening dolt whose primary purpose was to keep U.S. aid flowing into the Turkish regime.) It fueled the rise of ISIS, displaced millions, and left a gigantic mess for incoming President Trump who remarkably within a very short time managed to restore some semblance of order and normalcy in the region.

Is the far-left in America embracing a dangerous terror group who, as described by U.K.-based political analyst Kyle Orton as an organization “…whose suicide bombers massacre people in football stadiums and who destroy all Kurds who oppose them.”

Apparently so. That makes them either dangerously ignorant, evil, or both.


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