Struggling Democrat candidate, Kamala Harris, has just blasted her own political party for what she sees as its unwillingness to support a woman of color for president.


Image result for Kamala Harris angry"

Image result for Kamala Harris angry"

Via The Week:

California Sen. Kamala Harris’ bid for the Democratic presidential nomination is imploding even before President Trump could think up an insulting nickname for her. Once regarded as the Democrats’ best hope to take down Trump, Harris has seen her polls collapse, her donations tumble, and her campaign in shambles. She claims her woes show that the country is just “not ready for a woman of color” to be president.

Ah, but Senator Harris is currently seeking the Democrat Party nomination so her criticism falls on Democrat primary voters – not all of America. In short, she is accusing her own political party of both racism and misogyny. That certainly makes for some interesting political strategy:

“I despise you but also demand that you get out there and vote for me.”

Not exactly a winning strategy…

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