Remember the stunning hypocrisy of the far-left media’s quick and aggressive defense of then-President Obama’s bizarre “after my election, I’ll have more flexibility” comments to Russia prior to the 2012 election?

This is especially troubling when you consider what followed after that whispered promise was the Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine, the taking of Crimea, and a passenger airliner shot out of the sky.

It sure seems like what Barack Obama was promising was to allow Russia to do whatever they want following the 2012 election because that’s exactly what happened. Mr. Obama failed to defend Ukraine as promised, failed to provide any military aid as promised, and failed to do anything more than give a few speeches asking Russia to stop being so mean to Ukraine. Fast forward to the Trump presidency and that military aid was finally happening, Ukraine was able to better defend itself, and some seriously tough sanctions against Russia were implemented by the Trump administration, and yet the media today would have you believe it’s President Trump who did something wrong. 

It’s scary to watch so many uninformed Americans swallowing the far-left media’s lies regarding what really happened between Russia, the Obama White House, and Ukraine, prior to President Trump taking office. 


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