“Governor Whitmir can go to hell. I’m getting on with living my life.”

So said a million or so Michigan residents last week who chose to go out and start living their lives instead of hiding behind the walls of their homes.

Via The Daily Caller:

A Million Michigan Residents Stopped Staying Home After Whitmer Extended Lockdown, Data Show

Michigan residents went out more last week, according to cell phone data reported by The New York Times, after Gov. Gretchen Whitmer extended her stay-at-home executive order May 1 to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Approximately one million more people began to move around the state between May 1 and MAy 8, to move around the state again, The NYT reported.

The number of people who stayed home dropped nearly 11 percentage points during the first week of May compared to the prior six weeks, when half of the state’s residents sheltered in place, The NYT’s analysis showed.

Whitmer began instituting lockdowns in March to slow the novel coronavirus, and stressed the stay-at-home orders again Monday.

“These executive orders are not a suggestion,” Whitmer, a Democrat, said Monday during a press conference addressing her May 1 decision to extend the state’s lockdowns until May 28. “They’re not optional. They’re not helpful hints,” she said when reporters asked about people doubting her authority to implement the orders.

Location data from other sources also show people getting back to their lives in some form.

People were back to visiting gas stations and fast food restaurants at pre-COVID-19 levels, according to an April 30 blog post from Foursquare, a location technology platform.

Foursquare’s data showed people were bucking some guidelines. Gas stations, for instance, were down only 6% nationally as of April 24, compared to 8-11% lower in weeks prior, Foursquare noted.


It’s a growing trend all across the country which has resulted in the far-left media doubling down on its negative news cycle coverage which emphasizes nearly any and all bad news while ignoring the mounting evidence that Covid-19 is not nearly as dangerous as initial reports suggested, tens of millions have likely contracted it and had no symptoms, and the summer sun and temperatures will likely drive the virus back regardless of whether or not people resume some semblance of normalcy in their daily lives.

What is far more certain is that if the U.S. economy does not open back up the longer-term damage will be far greater and more dangerous the coronavirus.

It appears common-sense Americans realize this and after weeks of complying with authoritarian governors and their lockdown demands, are now pushing back in order to save America and its economy not only for current generations but generations to come.

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