General Qassem Soleimani was a very bad man responsible for the deaths of thousands. From U.S. soldiers to Iranian women, homosexuals, and religious minorities, he dealt death like most breathe air – without thought or provocation.

And yet all last week we were witness to a bizarre display by Democrats and the far-left media all but praising Soleimani after a U.S. military drone strike ended his life as he was preparing yet more terror attacks in Baghdad and beyond. One media report after another described Soleimani as “revered” and “loved.” He wasn’t. At least not by the vast majority of the Iranian people who, once the government guns and soldiers were done ordering them to show up for Soleimani’s funeral, took to the streets to show the world how they really felt about the military tyrant.

All of which begs the question of why are the U.S. media and so many politicians openly embracing a radical militant terrorist and the evil Iranian regime he has so long been an integral part of?

Scary stuff.


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