An impeachment we now know was the result of a shockingly corrupt FBI / Obama-era upper echelon intelligence apparatus – what some like to call the Deep State.

The liberties of innocent Americans were trampled. Millions of taxpayer dollars wasted.

And now, perhaps tens of thousands of lives lost to a virus that might have been better contained had Democrats in Congress and their far-left media cohorts were not obsessed with pushing the impeachment hoax to its ultimately failed conclusion. Remember, it was President Trump who acted swiftly to cut off travel into the U.S. from China. He was attacked for that decision – even called a racist by some. And all the while, the Democrat leadership and the far-left media were downplaying the coronavirus threat and bringing the wheels of government to a standstill with their impeachment obsession.

Remember when early projections of Covid-19 deaths were in the ballpark of 2 million people? The leadership of President Trump has helped to greatly reduce that amount but imagine how many more lives might have been saved had he had Democrat leaders and a far-left media willing help in the cause of saving lives? And the deaths continue even as America’s doctors and surgeons all but beg to be allowed to use Hydroxychloroquine early on to prevent more lives lost – a drug that has been proven both cheap, effective, and safe when used under the guidance of a qualified physician.

Politics over lives.

That is the sad and deadly record of these 2020 Democrats and far-left media enablers.

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