It would be funny if the times right now weren’t so scary and that what the far-left media is now advocating for isn’t taken directly from the authoritarian communist playbook.

President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus scare has been exemplary as he calmly but forcefully is helping to navigate the nation through this most unexpected crisis. His regular briefings have helped to calm the storm and it seems that is something the media doesn’t wish to see happen, clearly favoring pushing millions of Americans into outright panic.

As the number of coronavirus cases climbs (remember, this was fully expected given the millions of test kits that are now reaching healthcare providers – more testing means more will test positive for the virus. What the media then neglects to share is the vast majority of these tests are for people who are showing little to no serious symptoms and that the overall mortality rate is actually going way down as more tests are completed) the media is focusing on that rising number with a 24/7 doom and gloom scenario that is doing nothing to help the nation through the crisis.

When you consider that some in the media are openly advocating for an American president’s First Amendment rights to be taken away you cannot help but wonder if perhaps President Trump has been right all along to call these media figures the “enemy of the people.” The country needs hope and leadership right now and the president is working overtime to give us both. Why would anyone want to deny him that unless almost the entirety of the media’s response to the coronavirus scare has been a politically biased one all along.

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