President Trump gave the #obamagate hashtag a considerable nudge this week when he tweeted the following:

This in turn required even the casual social media news-watcher to say, “Huh” and investigate further and what they are finding is a stunning scandal of epic proportions that has the potential to shake the foundations of American politics. The #obamagate hashtag now has more than 3.5 million tweets and counting.

The Wall Street Journal, no ardent fan of President Trump, made clear the implications of just how bad the information coming out now looks for the Obama administration – and Obama himself:

Conservative author Dinesh D’Souza made clear where he stands on the subject. As unlikely/impossible it might now seem, he suggests the crimes for which Barack Obama is alleged to have undertaken in trying to overthrow the 2016 election are worthy of the former president being arrested:

At the core of the brewing scandal is this – high-ranking Obama administration officials initiated an illegal spy operation before the 2016 election that escalated into what became an all-out impeachment hoax.

In essence, people very close to former President Obama were engaged in a highly illegal attempt to overthrow the results of the election and unseat a duly elected President of the United States. To think this could have occurred without Mr. Obama’s knowledge and approval is highly unlikely.

Will people actually be required to answer for their crimes?

Therein lies the dilemma. As fractured as American is now politically, seeing a former president marched away in cuffs would seem to defy reality in a country where it has become increasingly clear that most rules do not seem to apply to a certain segment of the D.C. elite. (what some refer to as “rules for thee but not for me”)

One thing is likely certain – if President Trump were guilty of doing what the Obama administration appears to have done the far-left media would be calling for his immediate arrest and likely most of those same D.C. elites would be doing the same.


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