The House impeachment inquiry has predictably fallen flat given its absence of facts whereby Democrats were attempting to create a crime that never existed. That doesn’t mean the extremists within the party won’t still march forward with an actual impeachment vote but here is what is now giving them some serious heartburn – President Trump appears to have been preparing for this very moment for months and is openly eager to have the chance to then put all of the D.C. Swamp on trial in the Republican-controlled Senate.

This is some genius-level political warfare the likes of which D.C. has never seen and the results could be earth-shaking and status-quo shattering.

Hold on tight and pay attention. We are entering the next critical stage in the war to save America.

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This week President Trump declared publicly his desire to have a trial in the Senate should Democrats vote for impeachment in the House. Such a trial would, for the first time, allow the Trump White House to call its own witnesses – including some on the far-left who were most responsible for the dual hoaxes foisted upon the American people known as RussiaGate and UkraineGate.

Said trial would also bookend the soon-to-be-released IG report that will lay out the rampant FISA warrant abuses that took place during and immediately after the Obama years – abuses that are now believed to be leading to criminal indictments.

Then comes the still-ongoing DOJ investigation into the RussiaGate hoax, a hoax which involves some of the most critical members of the Obama-era government. (Some say this investigation could involve Barack Obama himself) This hoax was, in fact, an attempted coup to overthrow the results of the 2016 election which included the direct influence of foreign, anti-American entities.

In short, what Obama-era officials could be found guilty of are things like sedition and treason. It doesn’t get any more serious than that.

President Trump has the Democrats in a trap of their own making. If they fail to vote for impeachment they are exposed as frauds who wasted millions of taxpayer dollars on a hoax of an inquiry which could very well lead to justified voter backlash which will push them out of power and deliver a Trump landslide mandate in 2020.

If they proceed with an impeachment vote the Trump White House will then link arms with the imminent IG report and DOJ investigation to then outline in full detail for the first time ever, the rampant abuses that have long infected the D.C. Swamp and which also currently include some high-ranking Democrat members of the House. (and there are likely some very nervous anti-Trump Republicans as well.)

Tens of millions of Americans vote for Donald Trump so that he would shake things up in Washington D.C.

Well, he’s now poised to not only shake up D.C. but put it on trial.



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