Many have noted how unfortunate it is for the youth of today who don’t realize there was a time not so long ago when love of country, of freedom and liberty, were things embraced by nearly all who were blessed to call America home. Yes, political divisions existed, but not nearly at the levels we see and hear today. President Ronald Reagan united a nation and brought it out of the darkness of the dysfunctional 1970’s, ushering in an era of unprecedented economic prosperity and unity.

Since Reagan left the White House his presidential successors have slowly given away much of the greatness of those eight remarkable years of Reagan’s presidency. That trend was only halted when Donald Trump took the oath of office and set out to restore much of what Ronald Reagan had earlier built. The attacks against President Trump from both the old and new media have at times been overwhelming, absent truth, reason, or any semblance of self-awareness for the damage the media continues to inflict on the nation as a whole.

If we are to secure a safe and prosperous future we cannot forget those who were so successful in doing that very thing in the past.

Let the words of President Ronald Reagan be our guide so that we might truly Make America Great Again…

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