More than 20,000 supporters packed a Trump rally this week in Minneapolis and greeted the president with the kind of support and adoration that is normally only the realm of rock stars. They represented young and old alike and shared the common themes of a love for American and its current president and were a sample of the tens of millions all across the country who intend to see President Trump be re-elected in 2020.

Teenage girls were seen weeping tears of joy during Trump’s rally

Above: The heartfelt support President Trump has among young people has grown considerably since his 2016 election. For the first time in these young people’s lives, they feel the country is being led by someone who truly loves America and is working hard for everyone.

Teenage boys were also seen supporting the US president at the Minnesota rally

Emotions ran high for some of the adults in the crowd

Millions of women also support the president. These mothers and grandmothers are more determined than ever to push back against the false anti-Trump narrative of the far-left media and the increasingly radical Democrats in Congress.

Trump hit back at his usual foes – Hilary Clinton, Joe Biden, Barack Obama – during his rally, saying Biden ‘was only a good vice president because he understood how to kiss Barack Obama’s a**’

President Trump’s energy and spirits were high in Minneapolis as he promised to keep fighting for his remarkably successful America-First agenda.  No other politician comes close to having the enthusiasm and dedication that are the hallmark of Trump supporters as the 2020 election draws closer the intensity and determination of that support are clearly growing.



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