It was a historical moment delivered by a steely-eyed President Trump who spoke in powerful yet calm tones as he declared a national emergency and updated the nation and the world on quickly and effectively the United States has responded to the coronavirus threat. The more the president and his assembled team spoke the higher and higher the stock market climbed, indicating the message was spot on regarding alleviating fears of how much more damage the virus will inflict.

At the heart of the president’s message was his determination to overhaul an outdated emergency response system that was long overdue. In short, President Trump is ordering the slow-moving beast that is the federal government to get out of the way and do what America has always done best – take care of its own. The result is a near-seamless joint venture between government and private industry which will allow a far more swift and effective coronavirus response at the state and local levels. Companies like Walmart, CVC, and others, will be allocating space for drive-through virus testing centers.

It is yet another example of how monolithic Big Government not only costs far too much money but sometimes potentially far too many lives. In this case most of those lives at risk were the elderly with underlying health problems, a point that both the president and other health experts have repeatedly tried to emphasize even as the far-left media continued to push hysteria over facts.

In short, today was a prime example of strong, calm and measured leadership from President Trump, his administration, and America’s private sector.

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