President Trump cares far more about right and wrong, common sense, and protecting and promoting fundamental American values than pointing out differences, pushing false narratives, and furthering a political divide that allows the few to increasingly rule over the many.

And that is why the deeply entrenched anti-American establishment hates and fears him so much.

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(ABOVE: President Trump has unified tens of millions of Americans regardless of race, gender, or prior political affiliations. Where Obama cited “I” and “me” President Trump chooses “Us” and “We” and polling data confirms it’s a significant difference in tone and accomplishment that millions are flocking to.)

This week Democrats, having been painted into a corner regarding the bizarre behind-closed-doors-in-a-basement shame of an impeachment inquiry were forced to conduct an actual floor vote in the House after outrage grew exponentially over the flawed and hyper-partisan process they were utilizing to attack the president via an impeachment threat.

That vote, predictably, broke down party lines, though, it should be noted two Democrats defected and voted NO while all Republicans did the same. It can then be said that the no vote was the only bi-partisan vote on the move to formally open an “impeachment inquiry.”

Democrats are counting on their media cohorts to spin it as an overwhelming vote for impeachment. This will be yet another overreaching cycle that has consumed the Democrat Party since President Trump won the White House — repeatedly act out bizarre anti-Trump actions with the knowledge the far-left media will then either ignore it or repackage it in an effort to convince the American people those actions are something else more noble.

That is the foundation of the modern Democrat party — a belief in the stupidity of the YOU the voter. It’s why they gnash their teeth so loudly when President Trump calls out fake news, fake politicians, fake investigations — he’s pulling back the curtain on the smoke and mirrors charade that has long been Washington D.C.’s modus operandi. 

Ah, but change has already happened thanks to President Trump and his tens of millions of knowledgable and highly motivated supporters. Minorities are flocking to the president in droves. Polling data continues to confirm this even as the far-left media works to bury that polling data. Black unemployment, Hispanic unemployment, female unemployment — all are now at historic lows. President Trump has made America a better and more prosperous nation for all.

So, what do Democrats and the far-left media do? They work to flip that narrative into something else. After multiple prior investigations prove their prior claims of wrongdoing by President Trump were lies, they throw the Hail Mary in the form of this current impeachment clown show. They want impeachment on the harts and minds of every 2020 voter. They are convinced it will help to further motivate their own shrinking base, stir “Trump fatigue” in the president’s base, while also putting increasing pressure on Senate Republicans to vote in favor of the impeachment vote the House under Nancy Pelosi now appears so determined to carry out.

That is the ultimate goal of these far-left radicals who have overrun the halls of Congress. 

They want it all — the White House, Congress, the courts, the media, schools, prisons, everything to do with anything that influences the quality (or lack thereof) of American life. If that scenario sounds familiar to some of you it should. It’s the same roadmap utilized by every oppressive regime in the history of humankind and seen most horrifically in the early 20th Century from figures like Stalin, Hitler, and Mao where hundreds of millions perished under the yoke of brutal and deadly totalitarianism.

Call it socialism, communism, progressivism, it doesn’t really matter because all those things are today are different versions of the radicalized Democrat Party in America where your thoughts, your inclinations, your hopes and dreams, your future, are to be determined by a central authority who demands you accept that they know better than you.

There is an awakening going on right now in America though. It is one created by President Trump and his many supporters and subsequently seen in the words and actions of such cultural phenomena like performer Kanye West and others who are attempting to warn people of the dangerous fraud that is cultural progressivism where free thought is to be replaced by mass conformity.

Consider this. Had Kanye West shared a similar outlook as a German during Hitler, or a Russian during Stalin, or a Chinese individual during Mao, he would have perished by gas chamber, firing squad, and/or starvation in some “re-education camp”. 

Now consider how the far-left media is treating Mr. West now in 2019 America.

The similarities are chilling. These radical socialists/communists/progressives/Democrats want West ridiculed, silenced, and ultimately punished for attempting to enlighten others that there is a different choice than the ones the long-standing Democrat Party plantation masters have granted them. 

This week’s impeachment inquiry vote? It’s nothing more than the cracking of the whip by the establishment masters. 

Will it be enough to scare millions in full and unquestioning obedience?

The Democrats and far-left media say yes.

President Trump and his tens of millions of supporters say no.

Which side are you on?

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