Queen Elizabeth’s Stunning Power Move To Make England Great Again

While newly-minted British Prime Minister Boris Johnson received most of the media attention it was, in fact, the act of the 93-year-old Queen of England that set into motion what most now believe will be the successful reestablishment of British sovereignty as it breaks away once and for all from the globalist European Union.

queen elizabeth

By granting approval of the Prime Minister’s request to suspend Parliament, Queen Elizabeth II brought a halt to all legislative debate as the Brexit deadline looms just weeks away. This means that without yet another stalling tactic/compromise attempt, the will of the British people to be free from the EU is now, finally, very close to becoming reality.

The globalists are enraged of course as a Twitter campaign was soon initiated – #abolishthemonarchy and widely promoted on the social media site and the far-left media attempts to paint the decision as being widely unpopular. (It’s not)

The Queen’s many supporters are out in force reminding everyone that what she did was completely constitutional. They’re right. It was.

The thing is, the Queen, within the protective bubble of the monarchy and its many layers of advisers, protocol, etc., could have easily delayed a decision on the request thus avoiding the immediate suspension of Parliament and the intense scrutiny and backlash that accompanied it.

She didn’t do that. In fact, if anything, the Queen expedited her decision, making it one of the most powerful and decisive acts by the long-reigning monarch in quite some time.

The British people voted in favor of exiting the EU years ago while the entrenched globalist powers within Great Britain and across Europe have been attempting to deny that vote ever since.

Queen Elizabeth II’s decision to suspend Parliament was an undeniable power move that declared, ENOUGH.



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