America has heard this all before though. Senator Lindsey Graham, a man with access to the kind of information 99% of others in and around Washington D.C. don’t, sounded very confident this week that charges and jail time for some high-profile Deep State operatives are imminent.

We shall see…

Some will likely remember that Senator Graham promised months ago that those responsibnle for the Trump-Russia hoax and subsequent Mueller investigation would be investigated via his Senate committee.

That hasn’t happened.

Ah, but others have quietly urged patience, noting that a Senate committee investigation must be secondary to a DOJ one that has full indictment powers, which has been ongoing for several months now. Knowing that, it does make sense for Graham to step back and allow that investigation to proceed without the media distraction and potential conflicts that a Senate committee hearing would create.

Investigative reporter / strategy adviser Greg Rubini appears to further consolidate Senator Graham’s promise of arrests coming soon with this tweet this week that suggests the arrests of McCabe & Strzok are unfolding now:

Again, we shall see…


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