Despite 24/7 anti-Trump media treatment vs 24/7 pro-Obama media favoritism, President Donald Trump is right now more popular than Barack Obama was at this same time in their respective first terms.

In early December of 2011 Mr. Obama’s RCP polling average was 43.2%

President Trump, by comparison, is currently at 43.3% – and that is with decidedly anti-Trump polling data included in the overall average!

In short, President Trump is far more popular than the far-left media wants Americans to realize. It also means a 2020 re-election win for the president is looking like a strong possibility which in turn further exposes the hyper-partisan hypocrisy that is the House Democrats attempt to use impeachment as a political weapon against the president.

Polling appears to confirm the American people, at least the more informed ones, are seeing through the ongoing D.C. shenanigans.

Oh, and by the way, Speaker Pelosi’s current approval rating is nearly a full 10 points below President Trump. It appears she might very well be re-locating out of the Speaker’s Office after 2020 as well.

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