Even by the low standards of Washington D.C. and the far-left media, it was beyond the pale. An already disregarded allegation of boorish college behavior from decades ago was suddenly pushed to the forefront yet again to smear the reputation of a husband and father who also happens to be a member of the United States Supreme Court.

Voters are watching this attempted vile character assassination and also looking to the 2020 Election while collectively whispering, BRING IT ON.

Bring It On: Conservatives Are Ready and Willing to Re-Fight the Kavanaugh War

Via Townhall:

The vitriolic and disgraceful confirmation battle over US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was thrust back into the news cycle over the weekend, as two New York Times reporters who covered last year’s political melee are previewing their forthcoming book on the subject. Leftists are expressing dutiful outrage over a “new” allegation against Kavanaugh, revealed publicly for the first time in a Times story about the co-authors’ work. To the surprise of nobody who witnessed how Democrats, left-wing activists, and their allies in the mainstream media operated throughout the bruising 2018 fight, this latest development comes with a giant, flashing asterisk: Not only is there zero evidence of the new accusation, the supposed female “victim” herself reportedly cannot recall or corroborate the incident.

…Allow me to remind you that all of the people who Ramirez identified as eyewitnesses to this episode say that it did not happen, and that Ramirez herself was not sure if she had the right guy. She “assessed” her decades-old memory with the assistance of her very liberal legal team, and phoned up old classmates in an attempt to crowd-source a recollection — telling some of them that she wasn’t even sure what truly happened:

The only corroboration, if you can even call it that, was a third-hand memory of a rumor, the source of which says he doesn’t recall any of it. And the accuser (Ramirez) herself privately admitted that she wasn’t confident that Kavanaugh was guilty of the act she went ahead and publicly accused him of anyway. An absolute joke. But in order to lend the Ramirez thing more credence, Stier claimed that he remembered Kavanaugh kinda sorta doing the same thing to someone else — which is confirmed by…nobody, including that someone else (it seems we are not to believe this particular woman). This is the ostensible ‘bombshell’ in the upcoming book, which contains “no smoking gun,” as conceded the Times’ own review. Yet this utterly hollow nothingness was sufficient for a Senate Judiciary Committee member and flagging presidential candidate to demand Kavanaugh’s impeachment:


This whole thing has reeked from start to finish. The Left is going to regret revisiting this entire issue.


The only thing that will bring an end to this now constant cycle of character destruction in Washington D.C. is to remove those who so willingly perpetuate it time and time again.



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