What if the entirety of the Trump-Ukraine hoax was little more than a Deep State orchestrated distraction meant to keep eyes away from what was widespread pay-to-play corruption of the Obama State Department where taxpayer-funded foreign “aid” was, in fact, a vast money-grab scheme that repeatedly sold American interests away to the highest bidder?

What if indeed…

Emails Reveal Burisma Consulting Firm Leveraged Hunter Biden To Get State Dept. Meetings

Emails Reveal Burisma Consulting Firm Leveraged Hunter Biden To Get State Dept. Meetings

Via The Federalist:

Finally, U.S. Senators are waking up to the possibility that 2020 Democratic contender Joe Biden may have knowingly permitted his son Hunter to “sell” access to the U.S. State Department while Joe was serving as Vice President. The line between crony capitalism and outright corruption is a thin one, but when it comes to assessing the legitimacy of Trump’s interest in ending Ukrainian corruption, it’s worth determining the veracity of corruption allegations, of which Hunter Biden represents a not insignificant part.

On Wednesday, U.S. Senators Ron Johnson, R-Wis., chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, and Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Wednesday inquiring about the manner in which the consulting firm Blue Star Strategies, hired by the infamous Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma, might have utilized Hunter Biden’s role on the Burisma board to “possibly influence State Department matters,” according to a press release from the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

Emails also indicate that Hunter Biden and his fellow Burisma board member Devin Archer scheduled meetings with high-ranking members of the U.S. State Department at the time that Burisma was under investigation for corruption by the Ukrainian government. According to Johnson and Grassley’s letter, “In May 2015, Hunter Biden asked to meet then-Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken to ‘get [his] advice on a couple of things’ and again for lunch on July 22, 2015. On March 2, 2016, just one day after Tramontano was scheduled to meet with Under Secretary Novelli about Burisma, Devon Archer was scheduled to meet with Secretary of State John Kerry.”

…Johnson and Grassley’s letter reveals how the State Department was well aware of Hunter’s board position at Burisma, as were others on the periphery, suggesting any theory that Joe did not know of his son’s role is likely false. Additionally, we now know the consulting firm hired by Burisma attempted to leverage Hunter’s role with Burisma in order to land a coveted meeting with the U.S. State Department. The latest emails also demonstrate that Hunter and Archer were both scheduling meetings with high-ranking officials in the State Department. If they discussed Burisma during those potential meetings, it would be a heavy indication that Burisma had hired Hunter to gain access to the nucleus of U.S. foreign policy and to exert their influence on it. (BINGO)

Despite the obvious leveraging, it is unclear how greatly Hunter’s involvement with the company ultimately influenced the State Department’s willingness to meet with Blue Star and whether the meeting between Tramanto of Blue Star and Under Secretary Novelli ever took place. However, answering such questions is critical for determining the extent to which, if at all, Hunter Biden may have sold access to the U.S. State Department. In light of these revelations, Hunter Biden’s salary of $50,000 per month at Burisma suddenly seems to make much more sense.

Given the tenor of the final questions posed by Grassley and Johnson, it is entirely possible that the State Department turned a blind eye to the conflict of interest that erupted between Hunter and Joe. The American people deserve to know if Joe Biden put the State Department up for sale while serving as Vice President from 2008 to 2016, and Grassley and Johnson’s letter is the first step in making such a determination.


The possibility that Joe Biden was “putting the State Department up for sale” is a legitimate one but it must also be noted that this action was not a contradiction of the Obama-era tone during that time but rather an extension of it. Hillary Clinton did much the same as Mr. Obama’s Secretary of State where the mingling of State Department policy and the Clinton Foundation coffers were seemingly intertwined.

And that environment was itself initiated from the very top via Barack Obama himself. (Pallets of cash to Iran, weaponry to extremists in Libya, Syria, literally bowing to China demands, etc.)

Image result for evil Obama Jarrett"

The above is likely why the far-left media is now so aggressively pushing the Trump-Ukraine hoax. They know Ukraine was in many ways the epicenter of Obama-era pay-to-play corruption that represents BILLIONS in shady deals and lost U.S. taxpayer dollars. And don’t think for a second this could not have taken place without real accountability if some high-ranking Republicans didn’t have their own hands in some of that corruption as well. (John McCain?)

If President Trump is able to expose even a tenth of the corruption that appears to have been running rampant during the Obama years he will have done a remarkable service to the American people who have every right to know how much of their money is ending up in the hands of people who have long pretended to represent their interests while ultimately doing little more than lining their own pockets.

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