For decades Democrats have claimed to be the party of the “little people” the “downtrodden” those taken advantage of by a system that unfairly tilts favorably toward the upper-class white.

And then along came Donald Trump who has, in just three short years, exposed that platform for the lie that it has always been.

Very few institutions today are more elitist than the Democrat Party. From one side of their mouth they speak of poverty and class warfare while the other side whispers of backroom deals and constant media manipulations. They demand minorities support them each election cycle while actually doing nothing to improve the lives of minority families all across America.

President Trump, on other hand, along with break-from-the-Democrat-plantation celebrities like Kanye West, is doing more than just speaking. He’s working hard to enact America-First policies that have benefitted ALL Americans including black and brown America long neglected by far-left elitism.

Via The Epoch Times:

Few conceptions are more destructive to American society, drive us further apart, than “identity politics,” the idea that members of all groups—gays, Latinos, blacks, Asians, women, transgendered, disabled and on and on—would and should vote alike.

The Democratic Party has lived off this reactionary construct—one that obviates the competition for votes, thus clearing the way for exploitation of those groups—for decades.

It’s as if the Democrats were engaged in an unspoken conspiracy against liberty, free will, and the rights of the individual. Members of identity groups who don’t conform are to be ostracized and/or humiliated for their apostasy.

Does that veer to the totalitarian? Well, if it walks like a duck…. And it’s worth noting that in the Soviet Union, ethnic and national groups (Tatars, Jews, Kazakhs and so forth) were required to carry internal passports, so their backgrounds could be readily identified. You can guess for what.

The results of this, as I noted above, were usually to make things worse for the groups’ members themselves. “Identity politics” is a cancer on democracy and makes people vote against their own interests as often as not.

Ask yourself—who has done more for African-Americans, Donald Trump or the Reverend Al Sharpton?

Has any Democratic politician of recent vintage presided over the lowest-ever unemployment numbers for African-Americans, even of the perpetually unemployed African-American youth?

Can any of them say they did anything of significance to raise the wages of the lower classes, as we have seen happening now at an unprecedented rate?

Have any of them opened up “Opportunity Zones” to encourage entrepreneurship in disadvantaged communities, actually Jack Kemp’s original idea that should have been activated long ago, as Trump has done with Sen. Tim Scott?

Of course not. Not even close.

And under whose administration was the long-promised legislation to give clemency to prisoners—so often African-American—in recognition of their “good time” actually enacted?

Well, we know that too.

Yet the traditional (maybe sclerotic would be a better word) black adherence to the Democratic Party continues. Only the Jews make less sense in their behavior.

Why are these groups incapable of change?

The inescapable conclusion is that the cliché about old habits dying hard is one of the all-time understatements.

And yet there are signs this logjam is about to break. Trump’s numbers among African-Americans are up to a degree never thought possible. Some even approach fifty percent.

At the same time, and perhaps of more, or at least equal, importance, rapper Kanye West—a man many call a genius—has been moving across America, leading his Sunday Services, preaching the Gospel with music, most recently in Miami. Although largely under the radar, like Trump’s events, these services are hugely attended.

West and his wife Kim Kardashian are also sponsoring nationwide screenings of the film “Just Mercy” about the defense of a black tree cutter who was falsely accused and sentenced to death for the murder of a young white woman in Monroeville, Alabama.

Image result for Trump and Kanye west

Most of the audiences at both of these know full well of the closeness of Kanye and Trump, have seen the highly-publicized pictures of them together in the Oval Office.

If Kanye campaigns with the president this summer, it will be tremendously significant.

African-Americans will have to choose—Kanye West or Maxine Waters? I’m betting on Kanye. And I’m betting that would be worth more than a flesh wound to moribund “identity politics,” at least as far as blacks are concerned. It might even be game over.

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