It is so disappointing to watch the Democrat Party collapse into ever-increasing levels of self-inflicted insanity where the most extreme and radical viewpoints have somehow become the platform upon which the entire party now appears to stand.

America is bad. Globalism is good. The earth is dying. Individual freedom is deemed dangerous while dangerous lawlessness is to be promoted nationwide. Thoughtful discussion has been replaced by screaming threats and mob intimidation. This is the Democrat Party of today circa 2019. What a sad thing it has become.

Via Real Clear Politics:

I’m sure the idea of Democratic hypocrisy did not originate with him, but Tucker Carlson expressed it perfectly this summer when the “nonviolent” left was threatening to stab Mitch McConnell in the heart because he didn’t support gun control:

“Almost everything the left says these days is projection. They accuse you of exactly what they’re doing.”

…The Democrats even have a goon squad to shut down dissent — whether it is the loud, bullying tactics of the celebrity left or the fists and sticks of the masked Brown Shirts called Antifa. They will hurl invective, insults and bricks at anyone who questions leftist orthodoxy on climate change, sanctuary cities, or disarming America. There is nothing comparable working on behalf of Trump or the conservative cause, thank God.

The final leg of Lifton’s three-part definition of dangerous cults is “economic, sexual, and other exploitation of group members by the leader and the ruling coterie.” We don’t have to talk about Bill Clinton or Jeffrey Epstein here, although those are certainly disturbing instances of alleged sexual exploitation, but what I am thinking about with regards to the Democrats is their decades of economic exploitation of black communities for the benefit of “the ruling coterie.” Can anyone deny that urban America has suffered under Democratic leadership?

Murder rates are higher in black communities, graduation rates are lower, and until Trump came along, unemployment was through the roof. What about the opioid epidemic? Do the Democrats prefer to have a drugged population of compliant voters? If not, then why don’t they support the president’s efforts to take practical action to stop the flow of drugs across our southern border?

This just touches the surface of how the left tries to control thought and to wipe out nonconformity. The mechanisms of digital technology are being harnessed in ways even George Orwell never envisioned. Moreover, it is the left that has a virtual monopoly these days on “end of the world” scenarios such as the “12 years to climate doom” hoax.

Democrat voters have been convinced that the president of the United States is working with Russians to undermine our democracy. Meanwhile, Democrat politicians have been working with Big Tech to (guess what?) undermine our democracy. That should tell you everything you need to know about who are the cult leaders and who are the cult followers, and neither one is named Donald Trump.

Yes, Trump has demonstrated the power to persuade voters to rethink their entire political philosophy, using harsh truth and direct talk to convince Americans to take an honest look at what their “dear leaders” have been telling them for years. That’s why Democrats are so frightened. In 2016, Trump peeled away mostly white blue-collar voters from the Democratic Party and thus secured his victory. If the polls are correct, and blacks and Latinos are now trending toward Trump, then it’s game over for the Democrats’ ability to exercise near-total control over those communities.

Trump isn’t a cult leader; he’s a deprogrammer.

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