Since Donald Trump was elected President, Democrat party leaders have allowed themselves to be hi-jacked by the most extreme elements within the party in which such divisive and fringe figures like OAC somehow became both the voice and the face of a party that once stood for working class Americans. Now? It’s a party that demands to control every facet of every American’s life under the frightening centralized control of the kind of socialism that has failed throughout human history at the cost of millions and millions of lives.

The impeachment hoax has driven the Democrat Party to the brink of political insolvency and they don’t appear to know what to do about it beyond pushing the same madness that brought them to the brink in the first place.

Via: The Washington Examiner:

Impeachment has blown up in the faces of Democrats, and it’s their own fault

… The real issue, as the polls show, is that impeachment has not at all gone the way Democrats hoped. Support for it in swing states has fallen since the hearings last month, and it has done nothing to help the flailing cast of Democrats running for president.

But it’s not as if Democrats slipped on a banana peel while dribbling toward a slam dunk. This impeachment effort was always going to be a sticky mess for them, and a big reason they’re in it is precisely because of hysterics from people such as Wilson.

The push for impeachment started among Democrats and liberals in the news media literally on Inauguration Day, and it hasn’t quit since then. Democrats took the House and thought they’d have their chance with the Mueller report, but then that turned up nothing. Then September came around, and with the party’s presidential candidates embarrassing themselves, and with the Wilsons of the media calling Trump the Antichrist, Pelosi knew she needed to do something fast.

Unfortunately for her and the rest of the Democrats, the issue they picked for impeachment was stupid. It’s also proving nearly impossible to explain to the average voter without a flowchart, timeline, and an intermission.

The “Trump called for Ukraine to interfere in our election” slogan is ridiculous on a bumper sticker, and it also raises a million questions, none of which have answers that are good for Democrats.

Why Ukraine? Because it appears Joe Biden and his adult son were involved in some corrupt business there. Anything else? Yeah, Ukraine also directly influenced the 2016 election for the purpose of hurting Trump’s campaign. Its government is basically responsible for landing Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, in prison.

If Democrats, with a big assist from people such as Wilson, hadn’t been so eager to impeach, we wouldn’t be here right now. But “shoulda, coulda, woulda.”

Rick Wilson has no one to be mad at but himself.

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