China unleashed a deadly virus upon the world, decimating economies and costing lives.

Where once “Made in China” was synonymous with cheap it has since transformed into representing something potentially deadly.

And now a movement in America has emerged – one that places value in the “Made in the USA” brand while condemning the damage done by China and the cheap products the communist regime peddles to consumers across the globe.

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Koreans may boycott Chinese products | The Korea News Plus

Koreans may boycott Chinese products | The Korea News Plus

Via Bloomberg:

Americans Are Giving Made-in-China the Cold Shoulder

New poll shows 40% won’t buy Made-in-China products

It’s not quite a new Cold War yet. Just the cold shoulder.

Some 40% of Americans said they won’t buy products from China, according to a survey of 1,012 adults conducted May 12-14 by Washington-based FTI Consulting, a business advisory firm.

That compares with 22% who say they won’t buy from India, 17% who refuse to purchase from Mexico and 12% who boycott goods from Europe.

The poll also found:

  • 55% don’t think China can be trusted to follow through on its trade-deal commitments signed in January to buy more U.S. products
  • 78% percent said they’d be willing to pay more for products if the company that made them moved manufacturing out of China
  • 66% said they favor raising import restrictions over the pursuit of free-trade deals as a better way to boost the U.S. economy


What all of the above also indicates is the vast majority of Americans favor what has long been President Trump’s policies regarding trade and commerce – America First.

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