Democrats are a failed political party without any substantive ideas beyond their ongoing hatred of President Trump and his remarkably successful America-First agenda.

Now, the party and its floundering leadership are looking at a rising tide of support for the president as more and more details emerge about what appears to have been a badly botched attempt to use impeachment for nothing more than shameless political gain. From Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff being caught lying multiple times to a so-called “whistleblower” exposed as a CIA Deep State operative, the entire thing has been an embarrassing sham for Democrats that threatens to further weaken and destabilize the party from all sides.

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Via Fox News:

Another day, another scandal that’s sure to trigger the Trump administration’s downfall—if only the American people would be less picky about what the definition of the word “evidence” is.

The Ukraine Call Transcript. The Whistleblower Complaint. The Impeachment Inquiry. The pieces of this latest impeachment jigsaw have reached mythic status, bolstered by frenzied reporting, and insistence on the part of Democrats and advocates that this time, they’ve got the president right where they want him.

Even before we saw the transcript of President Trump’s July 25 call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Democrats and their friends in the media were already imploring the American people to accept as fact that the president had betrayed the nation’s trust by asking for foreign help in undermining the 2020 elections.

After the White House released the declassified transcript, the game changed. (It was a swift move by President Trump that caught Democrats flat-footed and blew a MAGA-sized hole through their far-left narrative that the president had done something wrong by trying to get to the bottom of what is now widely agreed to be potentially very serious Obama-era corruption on a global scale.)

Realizing there was no illicit request—and thus, no grounds for impeachment—leftists quickly turned their focus toward the intelligence community’s “whistleblower.”

It should have been an easy win. The anonymous employee’s detailed complaint suggested that the contents of the transcript had triggered alarm within the intelligence community.

Unfortunately for the pro-impeachment crowd, the American people remained skeptical that the transcript revealed more than run-of-the-mill diplomacy. The narrative foundered, and the chess pieces moved once more. This time, the smoking gun was guaranteed to be found buried deep within a national security server housing call records with foreign leaders.

If you can’t impeach for the crime, goes their argument, impeach for the cover-up!

What will happen, you ask, when this new revelation inevitably fizzles out? Democrats and their friends in the media will haul the goalposts down to the other end of the field, and continue their attempts to undermine the American public’s faith in the president they chose.

In 2016, before Trump took the oath of office, Senate Democrats hatched a legislative plot to transform the president’s alleged conflicts of interest into “high crimes” that would damn Trump’s presidency to be one of the shortest in history.

Their efforts failed.

House Democrats tried to impeach in 2017, and again in 2018, and failed both times.

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This year, Democrats failed to impeach, tried and failed to extract one last death rattle from the remains of the Mueller Report, and are now shopping the preposterous notion that this (!) iteration of the malfeasance narrative is based on the lowest-hanging fruit of all. They’ve placed their hopes in the pages of a neatly-packaged whistleblower complaint that reads more like an advocate’s legal brief than an objective statement of “urgent concern.”

Fortunately, the American People have grown wearily accustomed to looking past the fakery and seeing these world-ending controversies for what they truly are: breathless revenge schemes orchestrated by a fallen political party.


Leading Democrats are said to have been quietly but forcefully pushing Speaker Pelosi to somehow find a save-face impeachment withdrawal path ASAP. This request contrasts strongly with the far-left that has hijacked the party and is still demanding full speed ahead on the impeachment attempt. 

What has become undeniably clear is that Nancy Pelosi has little control over the increasingly strident and radicalized voices within her House caucus. President Trump has outmaneuvered them at every turn and with investigations into 2016 Election tampering/influence-peddling by Democrats set to conclude in the coming weeks, the potential for disaster for Democrats is considerable.


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