Paying $10 a gallon isn’t nearly enough. Perhaps the number is $20. $30? $50?

It doesn’t really matter when it comes to far-left Democrats and their desire to take away the Middle Class’s ability to drive, to fly, to move freely.

And they are saying it openly now while the media sits back and lets them get away with it.

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Via Issues and Insights:

Eight of the remaining Democratic presidential candidates say they want to ban fracking. Eleven others would limit the process or “regulate it better,” says the Washington Post. Could these politicians possibly be that ignorant of how ruinous their prohibition lust would be in the real world?

First, let’s get it straight why the political left hates hydraulic fracturing. It’s not because it’s an environmental threat. They know it’s a clean process and has been both an ecological and economic boom, in no small part due to the increased production of natural gas, a cleaner alternative to coal for producing electricity.

No, the left loathes fracking because it is so efficient in taking fossil fuel out of the ground.

…America is now the fossil fuel king. We are more energy independent, more energy secure, thanks to fracking.

Yet the Democrats want to turn the energy production clock back decades if not centuries. A comment made by a campaign spokesman for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who not long ago tweeted that “fossil fuel executives should be criminally prosecuted for the destruction they have knowingly caused” — that someone who holds such a childish view can be elected to any office in this country is alarming — epitomizes the Democratic field’s closed-minded view on fracking.

(Note: That quote should scare the hell out of any common-sense American. A candidate for president wants to criminally prosecute businesses in America who have made driving cars and heating homes much-much cheaper for families all across the country. That kind of scary totalitarianism has no place on any political stage in the United States.)

Under a Democratic administration, America would be forced into a Third World energy experience enforced by bureaucratic cranks, and supported by naive, sanctimonious, and in some cases completely detached-from-reality Democrat voters.


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