REPORT: The Anti-Trump Far-Left Has Become The Very Thing They Claim To Hate

The intellectually conflicted and increasingly aggressive group-think insensitivity that stains social media is spilling over into everyday life as the radical far-left authoritarian fringe now appears to believe it’s actually the majority and attacking any and all who question their dangerously divisive agenda.

That’s not good for America.

That’s not good for anyone.

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Via The Courier Journal:

The people who have lost their minds can’t wait to talk to you.

While participating in a charitable activity with my children and other parents and kids, a goofy guy who worked at the venue heard just enough of a conversation about politics to insert himself.

“Did you hear that one of the Koch brothers died?”

The parents just looked at each other. The goofball plowed ahead.

“Well here’s hoping to a happy reunion!” he finished, clumsily wrapping up the non sequitur before returning to his task.

The goofball looked so happy, simultaneously celebrating the death of one person while wishing it upon another in front of children, right after telling us how excited he was about the upcoming Bernie Sanders rally.

The hackneyed sickness normally reserved for anonymous Twitter users is spilling over into real life.

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Hurricane Dorian offered the latest weather-related madness. Democrats fanned out across television to claim President Donald Trump was more concerned with emergency response in Florida than Puerto Rico because of — you guessed it — racism.

“Puerto Ricans have brown skin!” they exclaimed, smugly explaining that Trump cared more about Florida because it has electoral votes and, presumably, only white people.

When confronted with inconvenient facts like Florida’s near 30% Hispanic population, they just stared into the cameras and forged ahead with their mindlessly partisan argument, which now includes the outrageous and false allegation that Trump murdered 3,000 Puerto Ricans after Hurricane Maria two years ago. It was a historically bad storm that struck a woefully unprepared island with a rickety utility infrastructure.

The weather madness wasn’t confined to domestic politics. International morons couldn’t help themselves, either.

“I’m rooting for a direct hit on Mar a Lago!” tweeted former Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell, excitedly wishing death and destruction on the thousands who work and live near Trump’s Florida property.

She later attempted a lame apology but even lied then, claiming “sarcasm” when it clearly was not. Sometimes, a simple “I’m sorry that I’m an idiot” would suffice.

Out in Hollywood, liberal actress Debra Messing rekindled the spirit of 1947 by demanding publication of anyone attending an upcoming Trump fundraiser in Beverly Hills, presumably for the purpose of harassment or blacklisting by the left-wing folks who run America’s entertainment industry.

In the late 40’s and 1950s, some 500 people in Hollywood were black or “grey” listed because of ugly politics. Messing wants the same thing today — for people with the wrong politics mocked in the town square and drummed from the business.

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Blacklisting is all the rage in Hollywood, be it personal or geographic. Earlier this year, several studios and media companies said they wouldn’t produce content in Georgia after the state legislature passed a pro-life law.

How many thousands of Georgians who care little about politics and mostly about feeding their families would be devastated by this liberal boycott? Hollywood doesn’t care, of course, because no amount of human suffering should stop a good political tantrum and self-righteous preening.

We’re told by Democrats like Joe Biden that if Trump isn’t defeated, “the character of this nation will be fundamentally and forever altered.”

Has he checked on his own party, lately?

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Biden seeks to lead a party full of activists who wish death on a conservative donor who invested in causes he cared about.

The internationalists with whom Biden claims kinship publicly wish for powerful hurricanes to kill Americans and destroy our property.

The people who fund Biden’s party openly advocate a return to McCarthyism, hoping to destroy the livelihoods of conservatives unwilling to acquiesce to liberal orthodoxy.

Death. Destruction. Personal ruin. All conditions wished upon conservatives by liberal Democrats, famous and ordinary, trained to hate by political leaders who blame Trump for the ills of the world while themselves obtusely accusing him of hate and death.

What voters do they hope to persuade with these savage threats and browbeating? When they do engage in policy discourse, it is filled with narrative instead of truth, lies instead of facts. They’ve become what they claim to hate.


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