“It’s the most reliable standard in politics: Whatever the left accuses you of, is exactly what they’re doing themselves.”

So says a scathing rebuke from Tucker Carlson regarding repeated false outrage from the radical left when it comes to topics like misogyny, racism, and corruption.

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Via Real Clear Politics:

It’s the most reliable standard in politics: Whatever the left accuses you of, is exactly what they’re doing themselves. They’ll scream at you for being a racist. Yet they’re the ones imposing a system of inflexible racial discrimination on the entire country. They’ll call you a fascist, even as they work to eliminate the first and second amendments. And of course, they regularly attack their opponents as sexist, while they protect actual rapists and abusers who are useful to them politically. They guarded Ted Kennedy’s reputation for decades, even after he killed a woman. They ran Bill Clinton for president, twice. Meanwhile, Clinton’s wife has made a career out of calling other people sexist. Here’s one among countless examples:

CLINTON: I went to Beijing in 1995 and said women’s rights are human rights and human rights are women’s rights. And I believe that with all my heart (edit) When I was Secretary of State, I put women’s rights at the center of our foreign policy. And, I went to 112 countries for all of you, I raised it in every country. I looked across the table at dictators, and authoritarians and chauvinists, and sexists, and misogynists — yeah, I did and I raised it with every one of them.

“I stared down misogynists, and lived to tell the tale.” On one level, it’s hilarious. On another, it’s nauseating. Either way, it’s the opposite of the truth. Hillary Clinton has spent her entire life closely connected to men who abuse women. Maybe that’s why she feels the need to lecture you about feminism. It’s a kind of projection. She gets to feel virtuous, even as she does the very things she claims to hate. You’d really need to be Freud to figure it out. It’s sick. But it’s real. Tonight we have more detail. Excerpts from Ronan Farrow’s new book were released today. The book is called “Catch and Kill,” and it’s primarily about Harvey Weinstein, and the many famous liberals who protected him. For years, it was an open secret that Weinstein abused women. In Hollywood, they laughed about it at awards shows:

MACFARLANE: Congratulations, you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein.

So they knew. That’s beyond dispute now. Why didn’t they do anything to stop the abuse? Because people like Hillary Clinton helped Weinstein get away with it. Here’s one example: In summer 2017, Ronan Farrow tried to schedule an interview with Hillary for a book he was writing about U.S. foreign policy. Hillary’s publicist, a man called Nick Merrill, warned Farrow outright that a certain “big story” he was working on was, quote, a “concern for us.” In other words, leave Harvey Weinstein alone. Weinstein had been a longtime fundraiser for the Clinton family.

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Hillary wanted to protect him, no matter how many women he was hurting. A few months later, Weinstein returned Hillary’s favor. He sent an email to NBC executive Deborah Turness, pitching a docu-series about Hillary Clinton. Turness called the idea “absolutely stunning.” That’s not surprising. NBC News was in the tank for Weinstein too. When Farrow began his investigation, he was still an NBC employee. But the company rejected his story, despite the fact he had it nailed. In the end, he took the piece elsewhere and won a Pulitzer Prize. Now, we know why NBC passed on the scoop of the decade. According to Farrow, Weinstein dug up allegations against Today Show host Matt Lauer, and threatened to expose him if they didn’t quash the story. To protect their top talent, NBC let Weinstein get away with it. They’ve been lying about it ever since. Today, NBC has been happy to talk about a brand new allegation against Matt Lauer. In fact, it’s the weakest claim in Farrow’s book, essentially not credible. But for NBC, it’s been a godsend. If they can keep talking about Lauer, maybe no one will notice they covered up for Harvey Weinstein. It may work. Revealing as Farrow’s book is, a lot of this was obvious two years ago. At the time, our sources told us that NBC News president Noah Oppenheim knew all about Weinstein’s behavior, and actively worked to keep it secret:

TUCKER: In addition to being the head of NBC News, Oppenheim is a Hollywood screenwriter with deep ties to the movie business and the Democratic Party establishment. Could it be that Oppenheim had a business relationship with Harvey Weinstein or Weinstein’s company? It is not a far-fetched possibility at all, and yet as of earlier today, Oppenheim and NBC when asked directly refused to say. Oppenheim ought to resign immediately, and if he doesn’t, he ought to be fired immediately by NBC’s parent company, Comcast. News executives are not allowed to tell lies. They are not allowed to participate in cover-ups. They ought to answer straightforward questions straightforwardly. When they don’t, you know they are corrupt, and that is exactly what NBC News is.

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Two years later, Noah Oppenheim is still the president of NBC. Andy Lack is still the chairman, despite his own documented history of sexual indiscretions with employees. Neither has ever told the truth about the Harvey Weinstein coverup. Even today, in a long and bizarre letter to employees, they were lying about it. Yet, remarkably, none of the self-appointed defenders of women you often see wailing on television about Brett Kavanaugh or the dreaded Christian Right even seem to notice. They clearly don’t care about Harvey Weinstein, his victims or his enablers. That tells you everything.


This is the very dirty and dangerous truth about the far left. They use sex and race and socio-economic differences to further divide and then conqueror America. Hillary Clinton a defender of woman!? Hardly. She is the epitome of leftist contradiction and hypocrisy just as NBC News is. 

President Trump has been uniting Americans. He has improved his support among nearly every racial, economic, and gender demographic in the country. That is the exact opposite of what the far-left wants. Its existence depends on anger and discord among groups. President Trump continues to make the lives of ALL Americans better.

For that reason and that reason alone, the far left must do all it can to destroy him.


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