Last week President Trump tweeted a meme that had his head placed upon the body and shoulders of Sylvester Stallone/Rocky Balboa. The far-left media lost its mind with some of them (New York Times, WAPO, etc) going so far as to publish stories explaining the image wasn’t real, as if Americans hadn’t figured that out already.

What was missed by these same liberal anti-Trump media organizations was the timing of the president’s tweet. It took place within 24-hours of him signing two measures that outlined support by the U.S. to the Hong Kong freedom fighters. (It also happened to be the 40th anniversary of the iconic Rocky Balboa character) And you know what happened? Those same Hong Kong freedom fighters used the image as inspiration to keep marching and pushing the communist regime to step back from the authoritarian brink.

And it is there we find the real story of the remarkable transformation President Trump is helping to enact within the world’s most powerful communist regime – the same story the far-left media has willfully ignored.

China’s economy is now on increasingly wobbly legs, made more so by the determined trade negotiating stance President Trump has taken. No other U.S. president has ever been willing to fight so hard for honest free trade with China. Surely the Chinese thought, based on the weak spines of past presidents, that President Trump would have capitulated by now.

He hasn’t. Far from it. If anything, the president has come back even more aggressively against China’s decades-long practice of stealing millions of American jobs, billions in technology, all while subjugating its own people to an authoritarian regime which ranks it among the worst of human rights offenders.

President Trump is managing to do two remarkable things within this U.S. – China trade war. He’s helping to make the American economy even stronger while also pushing very hard for China to give its billion-plus people more freedom. It is likely the single greatest economic and humanitarian effort of our time and should the president pull it off it would be a knockout blow against communism for the ages.

Cue the music . . .

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