Just a few weeks ago the New York Times was using the term “Wuhan virus”.

Suddenly, it began running stories claiming that same term was racist.

Check it out:

In case you are wondering why that is, take a moment to read our earlier report on this very issue that explains how China is spending BILLIONS in propaganda advertising every year to control the news cycle within the United States:

REPORT: China Is Actually Trying To Blame America For The Coronavirus

“Check out how much the Chinese communist regime is spending on digital media advertising alone as reported by statistic.com:

“Digital ad spend in China was projected to reach around 118.8 billion U.S. dollars in 2023. It would very likely maintain an over 70 percent share of the total media ad revenue in the coming few years.”
Did you catch that last part? China accounts for over 70% of total digital ad spending. In short, there are companies within the U.S. who are almost entirely dependent upon Chinese dollars if they are to remain in existence. If you don’t think that gives the Chinese an enormous amount of influence on messaging here in the U.S. you are choosing to be willfully ignorant. This influence permeates CNN, MSNBC, Hollywood, and on and on.”


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