Information is now coming out fast and furious and even though the far-left media is doing its best to distract and deflect in order to protect a multitude of high-ranking Obama-era officials, it appears the tide of truth might prove too much even for them.

Check it out:

  • DOJ moves to drop Flynn case after review by US Attorney Jensen (MO)
  • Grenell returns cleared House Intelligence Committee transcripts to Schiff, says he’ll release them if Schiff doesn’t. Schiff is clearly getting caught up in the net of this investigation which means so too is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as Schiff did nothing without her prior approval. She placed him in the committee position he now holds and for good reason – he was willing to do whatever she wanted when it came to attempting to overthrow the results of the 2016 election.
  • Transcripts show Obama (and others) knew about the Flynn surveillance from Sally Yates’ testimony.
  • Transcripts show Crowdstrike CEO did not have any direct evidence that the DNC was hacked by Russia or that Russia provided any (presumably hacked) DNC data to Wikileaks. This is significant given it was a major motivator of the “Russia! Russia! Russia!” Mueller investigation hoax.
  • Transcripts also show NO Obama admin official had any evidence of Russian collusion which means it had NO right to engage in a spy operation against a political opponent.
  • Obama comments on rule of law being endangered by all this in “private” conference call with 3000 followers. This is pure Obama deflection and a clear sign even he is now worried about where the investigation into the investigators might lead.
  • Media ramps up its negative spin coronavirus coverage while saying almost nothing about what is potentially the single greatest political scandal in American history.
  • Grenell delivers documents to Barr at DOJ that likely include the declassified list of names who were involved in unmasking Flynn in surveillance documents – a BIG crime by those involved and as such, highly unlikely to have occurred without former President Obama’s approval.
  • AG Barr assigns two additional US Attorneys (Jensen and Shea) to assist Durham due to increasing case load in the ongoing investigation.
  • Obama’s longtime personal adviser Valerie Jarrett is said to be contacting a myriad of trusted  political soldiers throughout the DNC/media complex in preparation for what is coming. It’s likely their hope to delay/stall the final release/decision by AG Barr until after the 2020 election when Barr will be removed and then move quickly to sweep it all under the proverbial rug and move on as if nothing happened.



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