This is beyond the pale even for the hyper-partisan nonsense that is Washington D.C.

Remember, it was D.C. Democrats who obsessed over the Trump impeachment fiasco for weeks instead of focusing on preparing for the very coronavirus panic that now grips the country.  Now these same Democrats are holding up an emergency coronavirus response bill in order to stuff that bill with a far-left laundry list of wants instead of uniting with Republicans to help give America the help it needs.

Voters would do well to remember this and vote these politicians out in November.

Read on to learn more…

Via 100 Percent Fed Up:

Sen McConnell Calls Out Pelosi for Obstructing Coronavirus Stimulus Plan: “Outrageous nonsense!”

Senator Mitch McConnell hammered Pelosi and Democrats for their sudden opposition to the coronavirus stimulus plan.

The Senators had been working all weekend on the stimulus plan and then Pelosi came back from California to put a stop to the plan. McConnell called her out on the Senate floor yesterday.

McConnell explains why the procedural vote failed:

Everything was going well, “Then all of a sudden the democratic leader and speaker of the house show up & we’re back to square one.”


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