While the far-left media and politicians in America engaged in a 24/7 anti-hydroxychloroquine campaign that kept the drug from being administered to hundreds of thousands of coronavirus patients, South Korea took the opposite approach. There, as the Covid-19 virus quickly spread, it initiated an aggressive hydroxychloroquine treatment program across the country and within a few weeks both infections and deaths from the coronavirus plummeted and all of this happened without shutting down its economy and forcing people to remain in their homes.

The results are now undeniably clear.

South Korea has among the lowest mortality rate for coronavirus infections in the entire world because it took proven anti-viral drugs and made them readily available to its population.

Check it out:

And just in case you’re hungry for even more conspiratorial ammunition, look at how long we’ve known about the effectiveness of HCQ in combatting coronavirus. This is a peer-reviewed medical outline of that very thing from all the way back in 2005 that is a stark contrast to how the media was portraying the use of HCQ as a potent anti-viral in 2020 which leaves little choice but to then wonder if the constant attacks from the far-left against HCQ had more to do with attacking President Trump than anything else.

To have to actually give serious consideration to such a possibility only further emphasizes just how dangerously divisive/deadly the far-left media has become. How many lives in the U.S. and around the world could have been saved had more countries taken the approach of South Korea in the war against the coronavirus?

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