Sweden, which took far less authoritarian measures to combat the coronavirus outbreak, continues to prove the wisdom of its approach. And while the far-left media attempts to spin the results with biased comparisons of its immediate European neighbors, the results make clear widespread lockdown policies did little to protect people while doing far more to destroy economic prosperity.

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Did you know that Sweden’s overall Covid-19 mortality rate is lower than Great Britain, France, and Italy – three nations that initiated aggressive lockdown policies?

And did you also know Sweden’s new infection rates and overall death rates for Covid-19 have been in decline for several weeks even as primary schools and many businesses remained open during the outbreak?

While it’s true Sweden has an overall higher infection and mortality rate than its immediate European neighbors, it also has twice the population and far larger/more populous urban centers similar to those found in larger European nations like the UK, Spain, etc.

It’s also true that approximately half of all of Sweden’s Covid-19 deaths took place in it retirement centers – a problem the Swedish government openly acknowledged and has since taken measures to alleviate. What is far different in Sweden is the attitude of its elderly who generally don’t wish to see the nation’s entire economy halted on their account. This is in stark contrast to nations like the United States and others that initiated lockdown orders on vast segments of the population for which Covid-19 poses a very low risk of serious illness – less than 1%.

The Swedish example raises a very serious question that the pro-lockdown authoritarian supporters don’t wish to confront – what if the lockdowns and the vast negative economic impacts they created weren’t necessary? What if the lives saved were few while the lives damaged due to lost jobs, closed businesses, etc., were far greater?

And why, even in America, a country founded upon the once fiercely defended principles of freedom and liberty, were so many so quick to simply do as they were told without question?

Why indeed.

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